Dealer Terms and Conditions

Thanks for your interest to represent ZAC Motorsport. We appreciate your support.

We offer good margins and are happy to dropship to your customers directly, although we do prefer you install and get to know the products yourself. Here are some important terms that you should make yourself aware of as part of being a dealer:

We encourage your first order placed with us to be equal to or over $2000 USD retail.

Please see below our wholesale tiers - the more money you spend the greater the discount.

If you have not placed an order for over 6 months your dealer status may be revoked

It is up to you to know our product and what is involved to install it and the other details of our range.

Please keep to the suggested retail price on our website.

We understand sometimes you may give a discount but this is not encouraged.  

Please ensure your online price on your website is showing retail.

We do not offer exclusivity to dealers in a particular area,

Your customers are YOUR CUSTOMERS.

You are receiving a margin, and for that we expect you to serve your customers.

If your customer contacts us for help, our first response is to ask them to contact you.

If your customer is not happy with your service, we will inform you firstly,

if we continue to get negative feedback, you will be removed from our dealer list.

Returns are carried by you, we will warrant a product accordingly, but our 30 day returns are not valid to our dealers, or your customers, your own respective return policies apply. Again, you are receiving a margin, this is part of the risk you take. If a customer sells his car or changes his mind, if you order the wrong model or variant, that is up to you how you deal with the return. We also make this clear on our returns policy for the consumer. You can keep the stock and sell it again.

Warranty is to be dealt with through the you to us. Not directly with your customer. We do this to track claims as we only warrant to the original purchaser (you).

If you are buying for one customer only (or yourself) and then we don't hear from you again, that is a risk we are willing to take. Just keep in mind we update our dealer list regularly and if you have not purchased for 6 months, you will not be included on that list. Again, we would love you to purchase and keep stock.

Keep in mind you are representing our business. We have made it easy for your business to purchase at a good discount. Unlike so many other manufacturers who require you to jump through many hoops, processes and applications just to receive a 10% discount. We find this as insulting as you probably do. All we ask is for you to support and represent our products and be kind and respectful to our staff. 

Wholesale Discount structure

Lifetime spend

$500 - $1500 - 10%

$1501 - $5000 - 20%

$5001 - above - 30%