Mercedes AMG M177 M178 sparkplugs

M276 HKS Spark Plug set (V6 Biturbo)

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HKS Spark Plugs to suit M157 5.5 litre BiTurbo engines. (set of 6) A noticeable difference in performance over other brands.  Iridium Alloy Center ElectrodeIridium alloy center electrode reduces voltage requirement and...

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HEAT RANGE: Standard

1 step colder (STAGE 3+)
2 steps colder (e85)
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HKS Spark Plugs to suit M157 5.5 litre BiTurbo engines.

(set of 6)

A noticeable difference in performance over other brands. 

  • Iridium Alloy Center Electrode
    Iridium alloy center electrode reduces voltage requirement and improves ignition performance and durability.
  • Outer Electrode with Platinum Chip
    The outer electrode incorporates a square platinum chip which improves durability, and combining with the iridium center electrode boosts ignition performance.
    The outer electrode features a shortened tip design and tapered shape while maintaining the necessary space for proper ignition.
  • Short Type Outer Electrode (Anti-Vibration)
    The outer electrode has been shortened and engineered with the ideal shape to decrease weight for resistance against vibration. This anti-vibration design improves longevity of the outer electrode.
  • Thermal Edge
    After long idling or under various combustion conditions, carbon buildup can occur causing misfires. The thermal edge of the ceramic insulator discharges to help decrease carbon deposits.
  • Spark Support Gap
    Discharge occurs in the spark support gap (space between the tip of insulator and the base of the outer electrode) to help prevent carbon buildup.

Choose from standard heat range (Suggested for up to stage 2 vehicles) or colder heat ranges 

About Spark Plug Heat Range:

Hot Plugs    

have a longer insulator that prevents heat transfer into the water jackets. It keeps more heat in the tip of the spark plug, which helps burn off combustion chamber deposits. But if there's too much retained heat, the engine will experience preignition.

Colder Plugs    

have a shorter insulator and retains less heat at the tip end are only required when higher boost levels cause increased cylinder head temperatures. If the plug is too "hot" pre ignition may occur. —but if it's too cold, deposits accumulate and eventually the plug will foul.



HKS M Series Superfire Racing Spark Plug
Set of 6 new plugs



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Whilst this product is relatively easy for the average, skilled home mechanic to install, we still suggest it be installed by a professional mechanic.
This product requires no special tools to install.
This product does not cause a CEL (check engine light)