GT Engine Components

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Mercedes AMG M177 M178 sparkplugs

M177-M178 HKS Spark Plug set (4.0l Biturbo)

$445.50 – $511.50
HKS Spark Plugs to suit M177-M178 4.0 litre BiTurbo engines. (set of 8) A noticeable difference in performance over other brands.  Iridium Alloy Center ElectrodeIridium alloy center electrode reduces voltage requirement...
GT63 Billet inlet manifolds (X290)

GT63 Billet inlet manifolds (X290)

CONTACT US FOR ORDERING DETAILS MANIFOLD CONSTRUCTION The factory manifolds are constructed from plastic, in 2 halves and then plastic welded (melted) together) This construction method is economical for large...