Thank you so much for purchasing our ZAC intakes! These intakes are designed to suit both standard and upgraded turbos with 80mm diameter inlets. 

Before proceeding PLEASE NOTE some 2020 and 2021 models have 3 ports on the rubber adaptor.

Please check before removing the adaptor or fitting the intake, and make sure you have a 3 port adaptor from ZAC in your kit. If you do not, contact us immediately before proceeding, we can send you out the correct items.

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Your intakes suit AMG W205 C63s coupe, wagon and sedan, they also suit the AMG GLC63.

Please note: We highly recommend these intakes are installed by a professional mechanic!


  1. Remove stock airboxes. Leave airbox cold air ducts in place.
  2. Tie up air sensors temporarily, they will mount to the Heat shields if supplied.(these are redundant as they only measure how dirty the stock filters are),
  3. If running stock housing turbos, CAREFULLY remove turbo inlet adaptors and Vacuum/PCV ports from the inlet adaptor. (hair dryer to soften the old inlet helps).
  4. Remove the Blow of valve hoses that recirculate to the factory airboxes COMPLETELY. Do not leave them sitting in place as they may fill with debris. We also suggest you remove the trumpet hose mounts from the intercoolers by undoing the 4 torx screws (2 on each trumpet)  and pulling the trumpet out from the intercooler.
  5.  running stock turbos replace stock adaptor with reducing silicone adaptor supplied. Push in the vacuum/PCV ports you removed from the rubber factory adaptors.
  6. Cut the cable ties, unclip and remove the harness cover that goes over the right side heat shield up towards the rear of the engine, there are 2 bolts holding the plastic harness cover in place.
  7. Wrap the harness in insulating tape or similar protective covering.
  8. Fit the heat shields (instructions are on seperate page )
  9. Get the new intakes ready.
  10. Check the inside of the filters and intakes are CLEAN and free of any debris!

  11. Mount air filters to intake plenums, DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN the clamps! This may crack the carbon.
  12. Mount intakes to silicone reducer. Lightly tighten in place.
  13. “Massage” the bonnet heat shielding as shown to allow the filters some room. (NOT REQUIRED ON LATEST "EVO2" INTAKES the filters are smaller diameter)
  14. These engine bays are very limited in room, you may need to loosen the clamps off and adjust the position of the filters, and the intake tubes a little to get everything just sitting right. If you are running aftermarket turbos and their supplied adaptors we have found some inconsistencies in the length of other suppliers adaptors, if they are too long, we suggest you try trimming them, or purchase our 80mm adaptors.
  15. OPTIONAL If you are running a build badge then we suggest this modification for that little extra room under the hood. Remove the harness cover on the right side of the engine bay (refer step 6) & trim the plastic fins on the PCV plastic a little.(NOT REQUIRED ON LATEST "EVO2" INTAKES)
  16. Check fitment and carefully close bonnet. The very front of the intakes may rub slightly on the felt of the bonnet, this is normal. As the silicone adaptors heat up and settle in, the felt will deform a little and the intakes will be ok. Any concerns please contact us.
  17. You are good to go! ENJOY!! (please allow some time for your cars ECU to learn its new performance gains).

Please note ZAC, it’s directors, shareholders or subsidiary companies accept no responsibility whatsoever for any damage to your car, it’s components or yourself. Please check with your local authorities if this product is legal before fitment.