Thank you so much for purchasing our ZAC RPA! The RPA (RacePort Adaptor) is designed to suit both standard and upgraded vehicles. PLEASE NOTE! Please also review and ensure you understand the Turbosmart instructions too.

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  1.  Make sure your car is switched off. We suggest you disconnect the battery in the boot just to be safe (leave the boot open!). At minimum please ensure your key is at least 10 meters away from the car so as not to "wake up" the vehicle. LEAVE FOR 10 MINUTES before disconnecting factory valve plugs.
  2. You will need to modify the plastic wiring harness. CAREFULLY unclip it where it sits over the factory BOV, then using some snips, or a small dremel tool carefully trim the plastic leaving a 200mm span (approximately level with the edges of the interecoolers) of the loom uncovered from the plastic harness, tape up with insulation tape.
  3. With compressed air, blow around the factory BOV in order to remove any debris.
  4. Using the correct size torx socket, remove the 3 bolts on each valve.
  5. Remove the factory BOV wiring by prying the grey part of the clip up, then squeezing it while gently pulling the plug.
  6. Completely remove both BOV's making sure to keep the area clean and checking no debris is present.
  7. Unpack the ZAC contents from the black box. 
  8. Locate the 2 O rings, and the 2 transition tubes. Using a small amount of gasket sealant or superglue, secure the O rings to the  base of the transition tubes as shown. Ensuring the O ring is sitting level in the recess of the tube. Repeat for both tubes. Once dry, you can check fitment in the intercooler end tanks. (O ring side in first). Remove after checking.
  9. Next smear a very light coat of gasket sealant (we suggest the type that never cures in oxygen) smear on the top surface of the tubes where the 3 holes are, and also around the sides just up to the first step (where the tube sits in the hole of the old BOV)
  10. Now place the tubes back into the intercooler tanks again.
  11. Slide the mount plates over the tubes. IMPORTANT NOTE! Ensure the radius side of the plates is UP, and also note that the orientation of the holes only aligns with the holes in the intercooler tanks in 1 POSITION ONLY!
  12. CRITICAL STEP! You must now align the tubes so they are sitting flat and straight. Lay the base plate over the tubes and ensure the holes in the tubes align with the holes in the base plate, if they don't, turn the tubes and check again. HOT TIP: If the tubes are difficult to rotate, place some screws in the base plate and use the base plate to CAREFULLY rotate the tube. Once aligned the baseplate holes should lightly click over the locating extension on the tubes, and you should be able to easily screw in at least one screw on each side as shown..
  13. Now carefully remove the baseplate and tighten the tube mount plates evenly by turning each bolt a few times and working your way around each 3 bolts, repeat for both tubes..
  14. lightly smear a layer of gasket sealant around the small rib on the underside of the top plate.
  15. Place the base plate onto the tubes, clicking it into place over the tubes. Place the top plate onto the base plate. There are 6 x M3x16mm bolts and 2 x M3x12mm bolts provided. Using the 6 x 16mm long bolts secure the top plate and base plate to the tubes. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN! There is no need to torque these bolts up too tight! Now the 2 remaining 12mm bolts bolt the top plate to the bottom plate inside the V band ring. Hand tighten, you will see the excess gasket sealant push out. remove with a rag.
  16. Open the TURBOSMART Box and remove the contents.
  17. undo the v band clamp, remove the supplied weld on mount (not required) TIP! no need to completely undo the bolt, push the head of the bolt like a syringe to open the clamp.
  18. Place the supplied O ring into the machined recess of the top plate.
  19. Place the TURBOSMART BOV onto the top plate with the clamp around to the FRONT of the vehicle as shown. Tighten the clamp.
  20. Locate the manifold hose on the LEFT SIDE (in direction of travel) Cut the hose, where shown and remove the braided covering.
  21. Now attach the supplied tee. Pushing on all the way. 
  22. In the TURBOSMART box you will find a hex grub screw, and a barb fitting, coat them both with a little loctite and place the grub screw on the RHS of the RacePort and the barb into the LHS of the port.
  23. Attach the supplied vacuum hose to the tee and the barb on the Raceport.
  24. Finally attach the wiring terminals to the factory BOV wiring. secure them to the harness with zipties. 
  25. Tuning of the spring may be required depending on your tune and boost levels etc. Please consult the TURBOSMART instructions.