Thank you so much for purchasing our ZAC intakes! These intakes are designed to suit both standard and upgraded turbos with 80mm diameter inlets. 

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Your intakes suit AMG W213 E63s coupe, wagon and sedan, they also suit the AMG GT63.

Please note: We highly recommend these intakes are installed by a professional mechanic!

All reference to Right hand (RH) and Left hand (LH) of the vehicle is in the direction of travel, not as you look back at the car from in front!

You will need basic tools, allen wrenches, screw drivers, torx wrenches, spanners. No specialist tools required.


  1. Remove from box  and inspect your new ZAC intakes. Lay out the components. You should have: 2x carbon intake tubes, 2x air filters, 2x silicone adaptors, 2x heat shields. a bolt kit with 8x m3 bolts nuts and washers for the BOV, a longer m5 bolt and black aluminium spacer for the left shield mount, shorter m5 bolt for the right shield mount. 2x 80mm clamps, 2x200mm clamps.
  2. Check the inside of the filters and intakes are CLEAN and free of any debris and parts!
  3. Open the bonnet and boot and drivers door, lock the car, leave it for 10 minutes with the keys away from the car. OPTIONAL suggestion disconnect the battery.
  4. Remove stock airboxes. (there are many YouTube tutorials and this is very straight forward, if you struggle with this step, again we highly recommend you take your car to a professional for installation)
  5. If running stock housing turbos, CAREFULLY remove turbo inlet adaptors from the turbo and remove the breather hoses. (hair dryer to soften the old inlet helps). There is usually some white adhesive near the breathers, work your way around with a small screwdriver. Be careful not to allow any dirt or debris into the turbo.
  6. Back to the airboxes. Remove the Blow of valve from the airboxes 
  7. Remove the air sense filters from the airboxes, leave them connected to the wires (or make sure you connect them again before unlocking the vehicle).
  8.  Running stock turbos replace stock adaptor with reducing silicone adaptor supplied. Larger frame turbos require the straight 80-80 adaptor available when you purchase.
  9. Option: Remove 2 rubber grommets from the factory airbox bases. Mount to the forks in the heat shields. (the shields mount securely without these with the supplied bolts).
  10. Mount the blow of valves and air sense to the heat shields Then mount the heat shields to the car...
  11. Both shields tuck on top of the radiator, with the factory air ducts kept in place. The right shield bolts to the front of the cam chain cover. The left side uses a spacer and a bolt down through onto the intercooler mount where there is a spare threaded hole in the sheet metal. You also need to remove 1 factory harness bolt from the cam chain cover (pictured) 
  12. Mount air filters to intake plenums, DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN the clamps! This may crack the carbon.
  13. Mount intakes to silicone reducer. Lightly tighten in place.
  14. The filters sit on the heat shields. Once you are happy with the fitment, tighten all clamps
  15. OPTIONAL If you are not running the engine cover, you may use a heat gun and trim tool or screwdriver to gently pry the build plate from the cover, you can use silicone or 3M tape to attach the plate to the air intakes. Alternatively, if you wish to use the factory engine cover, you must first trim the fins on the base of the cover.
  16. Check fitment and carefully close bonnet. You are good to go! ENJOY!! (please allow some time for your cars ECU to learn its new performance gains).

Please note ZAC, it’s directors, shareholders or subsidiary companies accept no responsibility whatsoever for any damage to your car, it’s components or yourself. Please check with your local authorities if this product is legal before fitment.