Developing Our M177 billet inlet manifolds

M177 Billet intake manifold

Unleashing the Power of Your Mercedes Engine: The Development of ZAC Motorsport's Billet Aluminum Inlet Manifold.


Mercedes car enthusiasts are always looking for ways to boost their vehicle's performance and take it to the next level. One of the most critical components for this purpose is the inlet manifold. The standard plastic inlet manifold installed in most Mercedes vehicles is prone to failure under high boost pressures and is limited by airflow.

At ZAC Motorsport, we saw this as a challenge and an opportunity to provide a better solution for our customers. We set out to develop a billet aluminum inlet manifold that would address these issues and take engine performance to the next level. After countless hours of research, testing, and development, we are proud to introduce our billet aluminum inlet manifold for Mercedes vehicles.

Our billet aluminum inlet manifold is designed to handle the high boost pressures and increased airflow required for upgraded engines. It's constructed from high-quality, aircraft-grade billet aluminum, ensuring durability and longevity. The manifold is also designed with additional port injection to assist with the extra fuel needed for higher-performance engines.

During our development process, we put our billet aluminum inlet manifold through rigorous testing to ensure it would perform as we envisioned. The results were outstanding, and we saw significant improvements in engine performance compared to the standard plastic inlet manifold.

We first offered this innovative product to our customers back in 2020. And are proud to help customers around the world unleash the full potential of their Mercedes engines. Our billet aluminum inlet manifold is the perfect solution for car enthusiasts who want to boost their vehicle's performance, and we are confident it will exceed their expectations.

ZAC Motorsport's next gen billet aluminum inlet manifold is a product developed with the ultimate goal of offering as close to a "plug and Play" system as possible.  Improvements have been made to the manifold construction (now welded instead of bolted halves), integration, included is the fuel line plumbing (where port injection is optioned) including everything you need to plumb in the fuel system, and control systems, we are offering a Haltech piggyback UCU with harness and pre configured base tune.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible solutions and are proud to offer this game-changing product to the Mercedes community. So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your engine's inlet manifold today and experience the difference for yourself!"



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