CLA Class (C117)

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M133 AMG Blow Off Valve

4 cylinder RPA Mechanical Blow Off Valve Conversion (M133 engine)

Full Mechanical BOV conversion for W176 A45 (and variants) Please note that this is NOT comparable to the gimmick BOV adaptors sold by some. This unit completely replaces the leak-prone...
CLA45 downpipe

A45 Sports Downpipes (W176)

$799.00 – $1,199.00
ZAC SHF A45 Downpipe.  Available in brushed, or CERAMIC COATED  Improve power by reducing exhaust restriction Massive 3.5" stainless tube Matches factory or aftermarket exhaust systems Increased exhaust volume and note....
AMG A45 Spool

A45 Spool FX-150 upgraded high pressure pump kit (M133)

The FX-150 is an upgraded high-pressure fuel pump. The pump features a bigger bore size than stock that translates into roughly 50% more flow when compared to stock. The pump...
AMG M133 turbos

SHF 500 turbo (M133)

$2,250.00 – $3,499.00
ZAC SHF500 turbo is the perfect upgrade for  tough street and drag / roll racing. With correct tuning and accessories (such as our A45 intake and downpipes), this turbo is more than capable...
AMG A45 mechanical BOV

A45 TurboSmart Kompact Mechanical BOV Conversion (M133)

Full Mechanical BOV conversion Please note that this is NOT comparable to the BOV adaptors/Spacers that use the factory electronic valve. This unit completely replaces the leak-prone factory ECU controlled...
AMG A45 intake

A45 Cold Air Intake (M133)

Our design criteria was simple; put a smile on your face every time you drive your AMG. As AMG enthusiasts ourselves we have brought that passion into each product we...
Mercedes AMG intercooler heat exchanger upgrade

Intercooler Heat Exchanger Upgrade (M133)

ZAC SHF A45/CLA45/GLA45 Intercooler Heat Exchanger Upgrades the 2 heat exchangers that serve to cool the fluid from the water/air intercoolers. Reducing heat soak and IAT (Intake Air Temperature). A cooler...
Mercedes A45 Coilover Kit

A45 KW Adjustable Coilover Kit (W176)

KW Variant 3 inox-line  Unlimited individuality for performance & comfort.Damping forces can be adjustment separately in rebound & compression.Our engineers have developed a sporty yet harmonious basic setup, as with...