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Unfortunately, it seems to be a problem the entire world is facing. Cyberspace is rife with bullying and abuse. From Social Media to online only shopping. Here is our take on it. At ZAC we consider our customers as "mates". As such, we treat our customers with respect, compassion, and like to have the occasional joke around too.

We are genuinely interested in your cars performance, and want to come along with you on your build journey! Send us pics!

However, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will we tolerate any form of abuse. If you are the kind of "hot head" guy or girl, that seems to think that behavior is ok, please purchase somewhere else. It is not your "right" as a customer to think you can abuse our staff. We employ real people.  Your abusive or threatening comment has actual emotional consequences. Please keep that in mind. We reserve the right to discontinue any conversation and support (including warranty) should you wish to behave in an abusive or threatening way to any of our staff we will warn you once! We also take public slander very seriously..  Motorsport is mostly a great community of awesome people, and we aim to keep it that way. Please don't stoop to such low levels, and we can all work together. Thanks