GLC63 (X253)

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M177 Turbo blanket

Turbo Blanket (M177)

The best way to keep under bonnet temps down is to stop it from radiating out. Our GUARDIAN blanket is specifically designed and developed to fit around the sides and top...
M177 AMG Blow off valve conversion

V8 RPA Mechanical Blow Off Valve Conversion (M177& M178 engine)

Full Mechanical BOV conversion for all V8 4 litre Biturbo M177 engines Please note that this is NOT comparable to the gimmick BOV adaptors sold by some. This unit completely...
Mercedes AMG M177 M178 sparkplugs

M177-M178 HKS Spark Plug set

HKS Spark Plugs to suit M177-M178 4.0 litre BiTurbo engines. A noticeable difference in performance over other brands.  Smoother acceleration More Power More reliable Choose from standard heat range (Suggested for...
GLC63 AMG Downpipes

GLC63 Sports Downpipes (X253)

$1,175.00 – $1,999.00
ZAC SHF GLC63 Downpipes.  Available in brushed, or CERAMIC COATED  Improve power by reducing exhaust restriction Massive 3" stainless tube, matches factory or aftermarket exhaust systems Increased exhaust volume and note. Manufactured...
GLC63 AMG Cold Air Intakes

GLC63 Cold Air Intake (X253)

Our design criteria was simple; put a smile on your face every time you drive your AMG. As AMG enthusiasts ourselves we have brought that passion into each product we...
AMG C63 high pressure pump

C63 Spool FX-150 upgraded high pressure pump kit (M177)

The FX-150 is an upgraded high-pressure fuel pump. The pump features a bigger bore size than stock that translates into roughly 50% more flow when compared to stock. The pump...
TurboSmart Kompact Mechanical BOV Conversion (M177)

TurboSmart Kompact Mechanical BOV Conversion (M177)

Full Mechanical BOV conversion Please note that this is NOT comparable to the BOV adaptors/Spacers that use the factory electronic valve. This unit completely replaces the leak-prone factory ECU controlled...
AMG C63 Stage 3 Low Pressure Fuel Pump

AMG C63 (M177) Stage 3 Low Pressure Fuel Pump

Spool Performance is proud to present the production version of our Stage 3 LPFP (Low-Pressure Fuel System) for the Mercedes-AMG M177 platform. With the use of high-pressure pumps now being...
C63 intake manifold

C63/GLC63 Billet inlet manifolds (W205/X253)

ZAC AMG Port Injection inlet manifolds  Next generation manifold starts production late 2022 ETA February 2023 lease contact us to register your interest.   Want to destroy absolutely every other...
AMG M177.1 turbo

SHF 900.1 Turbos (M177.1/M178)

$5,999.00 – $7,999.00
ZAC Motorsport SHF900 turbos are the perfect upgrade for tough street and drag / roll racing. With correct tuning and accessories (such as our SHF intakes and downpipes), these turbos...
C63 AMG Brake Rotor set

C63 360mm/390mm Front and 360mm Rear Rotors (W205)

AMG Front and Rear Brake Upgrade  This product includes a full set of four (4) brake rotors complete. Replace your factory rotor with our 2 piece floating design. Anti Rattle...
GLC63 GLC43 front camber kit

GLC63/GLC43 FRONT Camber/Caster Adjustment Kit (X253)

Eliminate premature tire wear Easily adjustable rear camber adjustment.  No more crabbing!  Correctly fixes steering pull Improves tire life, resolves premature edge wear issues  Providing precise Camber and also Caster adjustment....