Our return policy is as follows:

For whatever reason:

Within 30 days from receiving your product you may return it (at your expense) for a refund. Provided the criteria below can be met:

  • Your product is not marked or damaged in anyway.
  • You are the original purchaser
  • You return the product in its original packaging
  • All items are returned. Any missing items from your original order void this offer.
  • You have contacted us and made us aware, before initiating the return process at sales@zacmotorsport.com and waited for our response with further instructions and details.
  • Partial returns are not accepted, all order items must be returned.
  • A 10% handling and restocking fee applies at our discretion to cover initial warehouse and freight costs.
  • customized products, including pre order specials with special anodizing are not applicable for returns.
  • 30 day returns are valid from the date tracking says you received the goods. It is not 31 days, 35 days, 60 days. Just the 30 days. 
  • 30 day return policy is not covered when buying from our dealers. Contact the dealer for their individual return policies.


Upon receiving and inspecting your returned goods we will refund your purchase, provided the above criteria are met. Please note, we can only refund the same method of payment you placed your order (ie Credit Card or PayPal account you used).


The return of the goods, the method of freight and the risk involved in freighting your returned goods are entirely YOUR responsibility. We will NOT be held responsible for any damage in transport, loss of goods. We suggest you take insurance and fully track the goods.

 For goods marked or damaged in transport:

We understand sometimes the transport companies can be pretty rough and dodgy! This is beyond our control.

If you receive your item and are not satisfied with the quality due to damages in transport, you may opt to return them, for exchange, where we will replace your goods and refund your freight expenses 110% providing you supply us tracking and cost receipt for freight of the damaged goods.



We refund items only once the return and inspection is complete and found to be satisfactory condition.

We do not offer refunds for items that are delayed in transport, this is beyond our control, and although frustrating for you to have delayed goods, it is not feasible for us to refund just because an item is delayed. Our free freight service uses local post as well as EMS and other carriers. So there is sometimes delays between depots. Please be aware of this before you order.

We do offer DHL shipping at extra cost, and we will always do everything we can to trace and expedite your order ASAP.

Pre orders are not eligible for refunds until the item is ready for shipping (the pre order is complete). Sometimes pre orders are delayed in production, THIS IS A RISK WITH PRE ORDERS you need to be aware of before placing your Pre order. It is only because we are using the Pre Order revenue to fund the first production costs (molds and tooling etc.) and it is unfair on others who are also waiting on their Pre Order patiently.




Return Address (best for postal services):

ZAC Motorsport
PO Box 1204 

Alternative Address (For freight services such as DHL etc):

ZAC Motorsport
Unit 8, 48 Business Street
Yatala 4207
Queensland, Australia
Whatsapp Ph +61458937094